Nancy Jiranek, Literacy Champion, Dies

Each year during the VLLC Conference, the Nancy Jiranek Award for Outstanding Director in an Adult Literacy Program is given to an Executive Director who embodies all the qualities that Nancy Jiranek pioneered when she founded the Danville Reading Center in 2004. In honor of Mrs. Jiranek, her family donated a substantial amount of money to the Virginia Literacy Foundation in 2008 to award an E.D. deserving of the honor.  One week before her stroke, Mrs. Jiranek requested directions to the Sheraton Park South. She did not want to miss the ceremony! Nancy was able to attend 3 of the 5 ceremonies, and for that we are grateful.

Last year, Dr. Bill Jiranek, her son and Board member of the Virginia Literacy Foundation, spoke eloquently about his mother and her work on behalf of the adults who needed literacy services in the Danville region. Mrs. Jiranek’s determination and enthusiasm spread beyond the boundaries of her region, influencing directors statewide. What a legacy she has left us! Her absence will create a vacuum in our quest to address illiteracy in the Commonwealth, and her role will not easily be filled.

Thank you Nancy Jiranek for all you have done on behalf of a more literate Virginia and the adult students for whom you worked so eloquently and so hard. You will be missed by us all.

Carolyn Meeks, Lynchburg Literacy Council, after receiving the 5th annual Nancy Jiranek Award for Outstanding Executive Director

Nancy Jiranek Award Recipients:

  • 2012: Carolyn Meeks, Lynchburg Literacy Council
  • 2011: Kim Sells, Literacy Volunteers of Prince William County
  • 2010: Janet Booth and Linda Richardson, Eastern Shore Literacy Council
  • 2009: Annette Loschert, Literacy Volunteers of Roanoke Valley (Now Blue Ridge Literacy)
  • 2008: Patricia Donnelly, Literacy Council of Northern Virginia

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