Round Table Discussions

SNOW UPDATE: This map shows predicted snowfall. Snow event will leave Richmond around 1 PM on Thursday.

Snow prediction 9:00 PM Wednesday

Snow prediction 9:00 PM Wednesday

roundtableThis year, we will offer 5 Round Table Discussions, each lasting 45 minutes. Roundtables are scheduled from 2:00 – 2:45 p.m. & repeated from 2:45 to 3:30 p.m. on Friday. Some people opt to stay for both sessions, which is perfectly acceptable.

1. GED, Open Q&A session with Michael Nusbaum, Virginia’s GED Administrator, OAEL VADOE, and Jeffrey Elmore, Training Coordination Specialist, VALRC. (GED)

GED 2014 changes have greatly impacted how programs help students prepare for the new GED test. Come with your questions and have them answered by two experts in the field.

2. Why and How we Developed a READ Help Book for Students with Katie Simmons, Leslie Harper, and Valerie Miller, READ Center instructors (ALL)

READ Center staff created a community resource book for their low level adult literacy learners. Come take a peek and learn how and why the staff developed this popular student resource.

3. The SAMR Model, a framework for technology integration with Victoire Sanborn, Literacy Specialist at VALRC (TECH)

How is USING technology in instruction different from INTEGRATING technology in instruction. This roundtable will discuss the four main stages in a framework that is easy to understand and use.

4. How College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) apply to nonprofit literacy programs to benefit the lowest level adult literacy learners with Hillary Major, Publications and Communications Specialist, VALRC (ALL)

One assumption that many nonprofit staff and administrator make is that the College and Career Readiness Standards are too advanced for students who are taught in nonprofit literacy programs. Find out how the CCRS have taken into account the lowest level literacy learners, and how they can be applied to low level literacy instruction.

5. How PluggedinVA, a workforce and Career Pathways program, can beneft the lowest level adult learners with Patti Donnelly, Literacy Council of Northern Virginia, and Kate Daly Rolander, Workforce Instructional Specialist, VALRC.

PluggedInVa is a hot topic these days. Join this lively discussion to see how or if this innovative Career Pathways program can benefit the lowest level literacy students as pre-PluggedInVA


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