About the VLF: Since 1985, the Virginia Literacy Foundation has encouraged program improvement of Virginia’s nonprofit literacy organizations through leadership, training and support. All of Virginia’s adult literacy programs, regardless of whether they receive VLF funding or not, are eligible to attend this yearly conference. These organizations range from those that serve 1,400 students to 8 students per year, and they are located in all the geographic regions of Virginia.

The VLF Conference (first known as the VLLC Conference) was first held in Richmond in 2009, and each year has been scheduled for the end of February or early March. This two-day event offers three strands of workshops for program administrators, staff, and volunteers: basic literacy, ESOL, and administration.

Workshop topics include student retention, LD, assessing adults with low literacy skills, workplace literacy skills, digital literacy, and teaching pronunciation to ESOL students. The conference committee consists of the conference chair, who is the Executive Director of an adult literacy organization. She works closely with the Literacy Specialist at the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center, who represents the VLF’s interest. Other staff from literacy organization volunteer to help before and during the conference, which could not run smoothly or efficiently without their help.

For questions about the VLF Conference, contact vjsanbor@vcu.edu

Conference Chair

Ginger Hilleary, Literacy Volunteers of Fauquier County,
Email: lvfc320@gmail.com

VLF Liaison
Victoire Sanborn, Literacy Specialist, Virginia Adult Resource Center and Virginia Literacy Foundation
Email: vjsanbor@vcu.edu
Send conference checks/or check on reimbursements:
Rita Layne
c/o Virginia Literacy Foundation
413 Stuart Circle, Ste 303
Richmond, VA 23220

5 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. Roundtable topic suggestion: VA has a three strikes clause on taking the Commercial Drivers Licence (CDL). After 3 attempts per lifetime, the “student” must pay approximately $1,800 for a training course. I would love to see Literacy take a role in getting this changed to 3 times per year or something similar.

  2. Is there a schedule of events? When does the conference commence? Is it at the hotel? Thanks, this is my first time attending.

    • Marilyn, Please click on the title of this blog. Scroll down the post sitting at the top of the blog and click on the schedule to read it. We also have a breakdown of the Executive Director roundtable.

      In the sidebar on the right, scroll down for the hotel information. Google Sheraton Park South Richmond for directions! Parking is free.

      The opening session begins at 10:30 on Thursday.

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