VLF/VAACE Joint Conference

NEW!! Workshop schedule

Embassy suites Hampton

The VLF (Virginia Literacy Foundation) and VAACE (Virginia Association for Adult and Continuing Education) are partnering for the second year to offer a joint conference!

Conference Theme: Adult Ed Works!

Dates:  October 23rd and 24th, 2018

Location:  Hampton Hotel Conference Center and Spa.   CLICK HERE to reserve a room.

This exciting joint venture, whose theme is Adult Ed Works!, provides administrators and educators of public and private adult education and literacy providers and their collaborative partners with the opportunity to attend more workshops, meet colleagues from all over the state with a wider background, and see more vendors. Workshops for CBLO (Community-based literacy organization) staff and administrators will be offered, alongside workshops for public programs. Look for more information in the coming weeks!




  • This year’s conference registration fee, while more expensive than last year’s, include both lunches for both days. (Scroll down to view VLF reimbursements for nonprofit staff.)
  • Food offered at the following times: full breakfast bar at the conference hotel, both lunches at the conference center, snacks and drinks from 4-7 pm at the hotel. A variety of restaurants are within short driving distance from the hotel.
  • More vendors will be offered than at the stand-alone VLF conference, including New Reader’s  Press.
  • You will have more opportunity to network.
  • Over 50 workshops are scheduled over two days (workshop schedule coming next week.).
  • You will attend workshops in a state-of-the-art conference center.
  • Two-room hotel suites are offered at state rate with kitchenette, a pull-out couch in the living/dining area, and a short, covered walk to the conference center.
  • VAACE Membership fee includes COABE (Commission on Adult Basic Education) membership, a package worth $75.00 that comes with benefits, such as outstanding adult education and literacy resources and webinars based on research and best practices. Click on this link to view the COABE Manager Mondays Webinar Series-Advantage, which start November 6 and end December 17 this year.

Link to the VAACE Conference site: VAACE Link, and VAACE Facebook page


NOTE – This is important: Non-profit adult literacy program staff – to qualify for VLF reimbursement, please email Betsy Mathias at bcmathias@aol.com, treasurer, with a list of yourself and all staff and instructors who have registered for the conference.

  • To use PayPal to pay for conference registration, click Use PayPal.


Download the PDF document at this link: VAACE.VLF Conference Schedule at a glance 2018

VAACE.VLF Conference Schedule at a glance 2018


Please note that costs and reimbursements have changed since last year, although there are more benefits.

2018 VLF reimbursement form for VLF/VAACE Conference. Early registration by October 10. S150 reimbursed for $70.00. Late registration of $175 is reimbursed for $50.00. Presenter registration is reimbursed for $70.00. Double occupanyc for one night at holel is fully reimbursed. Single occupancy at the hotel is reimbursed for $50 for one night. VAACE/COABE membership of $30 is not reimbursed.



For questions about the VLF/VAACE Joint Conference, contact lvfc320@gmail.com or vjsanbor@vcu.edu 

 VLF Liaisons
Primary Contact:
Ginger Hilleary, Regional Program Manager
Email: lvfc320@gmail.com
Secondary Contact:
Victoire Sanborn, Literacy Specialist with the Virginia Literacy Foundation
Email: vjsanbor@vcu.edu
VAACE Liaison
Primary Contact:
Amy Shockley, Regional Program Manager
Email: ashockley@es.vccs.edu