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Changes to 2019-2021 VLF Grant Reporting Requirements

Due to the VLF grants program changing to a 2-year grant cycle; 2019-2020/2020-2021, the Virginia Literacy Foundation (VLF) will offer Requests for Proposals (RFPs) every other year.  Therefore, no new requests for grant proposals will be distributed in 2020.  The next round of proposals will be available in January of 2021.

Information for 2019-2020/2020-2021 VLF grant recipients:

This reminder of the reporting requirements for your Virginia Literacy Foundation (VLF) two-year matching grant is dated September 3, 2020:

Grant Year 1 – 2019-2020

  • Mid-year report was due April 17, 2020

Grant Year 2 – 2020-2021

  • Mid-year report is due April 16, 2021
  • Year-end report is due December 17, 2021 to include completed (updated) survey

**There is no year-end report due September 3rd.**

The updated report form(s) and required survey will be available on the VLF website closer to the reporting due dates.

Please let Rita Layne know if you have any questions at