Funding Focus

Please note the changes in funding priorityabout our grants

Virginia Literacy Foundation grants target 501 (c) 3 organizations that provide literacy and numeracy services to adults 18 years and older.

Programs are encouraged to actively seek a match for their grants and describe how they will do so. No less than 80% of the VLF grant should be matched in this way. In-kind contributions, current funds, and the value of volunteer time may be used to describe 20% of the match. (Note: this is a change from previous years.) /a document about how to match VLF funds can be found here: Active Grant Matching-2017

Activities eligible for funding are:

  1. Literacy instruction and services to adults, including teaching basic literacy, pre-GED, GED, ESOL, and numeracy skills
  2. Recruitment and retention
  3. Board development and staff development
  4. Strategic planning
  5. Instructing literacy and numeracy skills to parents in family literacy programs (teaching adults to read to children, for example)
  6. Using technology to teach literacy skills (creating online homework assignments and writing emails, or taking distance learning courses such as GED Connection, for example)
  7. Community awareness, outreach, and marketing (includes web development)
  8. Strengthening or initiating collaborative efforts
  9. Increasing program capacity
  10. Data collection and management
  11. Salaries related to the grant project
  12. Tailoring established, scientifically-based research on teaching approaches, curriculum and tutor training techniques to program needs
  13. Implementing standardized pre- and post-tests to measure student progress.