Mailing Your Proposals or Reports

packageDUE DATE: The grant proposal or mid-year materials, including the original copy and five identical copies with attachments, must be delivered to the VLF office by 5 pm on the due date.

NOTE: Packets delivered past 5 PM will NOT be accepted. The VLF encourages programs to use FedEx or UPS, since the US Postal Service often delivers mail past 5 p.m. when VLF offices are closed. We encourage programs to arrange to deliver grants several days ahead of time.

Send to:
Rita Layne
c/o Virginia Literacy Foundation
413 Stuart Circle, Suite 303
Richmond, VA 23220

NOTE: If you have questions about sending the grant application, please contact Rita Layne.
Phone: (804) 237-8909
FAX: (804) 237-8901