Matching Grant Categories

about our grantsVirginia Literacy Foundation matching grants are offered in the following categories:

Notice that our matching grants have changed significantly. Applicants are asked to write collaborative, partnership grants in order to qualify for funds.

The amount of funding for which an organization is eligible is tied to the numbers of adult literacy students the partnership served for at least 12 instructional hours in the last full fiscal year (2017-18.)* New funding categories are a grant award for two consecutive years. They are:

  • Capacity-building regional grants: $5,000 award (75+ students/partnership)
  • Collaborative demonstration grants (competitive):
    • $7,500 award (175+ students/partnership)
    • $12,500 award (475+ students/partnership)

Required are collaborations with at least one other community-based literacy organization, regional adult education program, local community college, workforce investment board (WIB) partner, or local business and other partners to increase community engagements and impact over time.

* Students served” is defined as permanently matched adult students who have received at least twelve hours of basic literacy instruction in the last complete fiscal year in one or more of these areas: one-on-one tutoring, small group classes, family literacy (adult literacy component), pre-GED instruction, computer literacy, jail program, etc.

If you have questions about writing a collaborative grant, contact Victoire Gerkens Sanborn at or 1-800-237-8909.