Literacy Program Management

Program Standards for Literacy Organizations

The VLF board and select volunteer executive directors created this document for Virginia’s community-based literacy organizations to guide their staff and board of directors. Click on the program standards link. to view all 22 pages. Program Standards-VLF

Cover sheet of the program standards with a table of contents

Websites – Literacy Program Management

  • How to Start an Adult Literacy Program, Virginia Literacy Foundation. This resource includes links to community-based literacy program start-ups, and faith-based, ESOL, library-based, and GED start-up programs.
  • Managing a Literacy Program, Literacy Works, Chicago. This online resource includes the following topics: Build and Manage a Literacy Program; Development/Fundraising Resources; Manage Volunteers; Recruit Volunteers (Chicago); and Retaining Students.
  • Planning an Adult Literacy Program, Community Tool Box, University of Kansas. Author Phil Rabinowitz spent nearly 20 years in adult education, 13 of those helping to found and run The Literacy Project, a community based adult literacy program in western Massachusetts. He considers program management to be collaborative and thinks of “adult literacy as an extremely broad endeavor which embraces education, learner empowerment, and social change.”
  • Program Management, Florida Literacy Coalition. This site includes links to program management as well as manager/administrator resources, such as the Program Manager’s Toolkit.

Websites – General Nonprofit

  • Free Management Library, Carter McNamara Authenticity Consulting, LLC. A broad, thorough, and comprehensive resource for all aspects of nonprofit management.