Literacy Program Management

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Websites – Literacy

  • How to Start an Adult Literacy Program, Virginia Literacy Foundation. This resource includes links to community-based literacy program start-ups, and faith-based, ESOL, library-based, and GED start-up programs.
  • Managing a Literacy Program, Literacy Works, Chicago. This online resource includes the following topics: Build and Manage a Literacy Program; Development/Fundraising Resources; Manage Volunteers; Recruit Volunteers (Chicago); and Retaining Students.
  • Program Management, Florida Literacy Coalition. This site includes links to program management as well as manager/administrator resources, such as the Program Manager’s Toolkit.

Websites – General Nonprofit

  • Free Management Library, Carter McNamara Authenticity Consulting, LLC. A broad, thorough, and comprehensive resource for all aspects of nonprofit management.


  • What Should Your Fund Development Plan Include? The Nonprofit Quarterly gives nonprofit organizations beneficial strategic advice. Click here to read the article.