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Best Practices in Tutor Training/Student Instruction

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This comprehensive 14-hour tutor training workshop was designed in 2005 with the advice from fourteen of Virginia’s best volunteer trainers. If you are interested in taking the complete workshop, you are encouraged to work under the supervision of your local program manager or with an experienced peer mentor.

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This PDF document is a compilation of some of this background information gathered from a variety of different sources. Each section ends with a list of references from which the information is obtained. This Reference Handbook and Resource Guide is intended as a ‘tool’ for new and more experienced tutors. Tutor trainers especially will appreciate its free resources for reference.

Helping adults improve their literacy and English language skills is an important task that requires training; the goal of this website is to provide a web-based training alternative to face-to-face training. To succeed, also be aware that establishing a close working relationship with a local adult literacy program is a vitally important factor. As a first step in determining if Adult Literacy Volunteer Tutoring is right for you, please explore this website to learn more.

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Best Practices in Teaching the Components of ReadingĀ  – Click here to enter the page

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Best Practices in Teaching Adult ESOL Learners – Click hereĀ  to enter the page

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