Announcing: VLF is Partnering with VAACE to Hold Joint Conference


Hospitality House and Conference Center, Fredericksburg

Dear Colleagues: PLEASE NOTE – The next VLF Conference will NOT be held in February/March of 2018.

We are proud to announce that this fall, the VLF (Virginia Literacy Foundation) and VAACE (Virginia Association for Adult and Continuing Education) are partnering to offer a joint conference in Fredericksburg, VA on November 1-2, 2017. This exciting joint venture, whose theme is Collective Impact, provides administrators and educators with the opportunity to attend more workshops, meet colleagues from all over the state with a wider background, and see more vendors. Workshops for CBLO staff and administraters will be offered, alongside workshops for public programs.

Before registering for the conference, CBLO staff will have the opportunity to apply to the VLF for conference reimbursements similar to the VLF Conference reimbursements. As we plan the conference, we will keep the VAACE ( and VLF Conference ( websites updated. Hotel reservations:Hospitality House, Fredericksburg (

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This announcement will be updated with news as it happens.